Health & Safety

“Every project has a site specific Job Safety Analysis – no matter how big or small!”

The health and safety of our team and any other individuals within our work area or site is our utmost priority. We firmly believe that our entire team, from top to bottom has the undeniable right to return home at day’s end in the same or better condition than when they left in the morning.
As a result, every project has a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) which operates as a Hazard Assessment & a Safe Work Method Statement. The resulting JSA is provided and explained to all of our team on site, any deviances result in immediate removal from the site.

  1. experienced employees

    Our estimators are not only experienced in painting but also understand the importance of doing a job safely.

  2. educated employees

    All employees are educated in completing company JSA’s and taken through the company induction.

  3. We Are Certified

    Our official certification shows our company’s commitment to the environment and we understand the importance of having processes in place, which minimise the impact to our environment from our business.


We understand insurance means assurance, this is why we are currently insured at the sum of $20,000,000. Additionally, all our paint professionals are covered by workers compensation and insurance.


“Minimising VOC’s and Paint Waste is paramount – Being environmentally friendly is also economically responsible – Making sure no paint or money is going down the drain!”

Paint and chemicals entering our waterways lead to extensive damage to marine life.This has been known for some time, many painters in Perth are painting in the 21st Century with 20th-century waste management plans. The paint buy-back scheme came into effect in 2016, a simple paint levy to help fund ways to mitigate the impact of paint in our environment. We understand this is a small and somewhat insignificant step as we, the paint applicator need to be responsible for the types of paint we recommend and use; and furthermore how we choose to dispose of our waste. Pereira & Sons when feasibly possible recommends paints that are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which cause great harm to our waterways.

The best way to safely dispose of paint is prevention. We take an order-as-you-go approach when undertaking projects, which means we take a conservative estimate of how much paint we need for a given project and then using our vast experience we can (almost always) order just enough paint to be none left over. This ensures little to no paint makes it to our waste processing facilities.

In the unlikely case that we do have paint left over from a project, we do quarterly inventory checks to ensure all paint is delivered to Paint Disposal Management Facilities.