Our Story

Pereira & Sons is a leader in quality painting services in Perth. Our team is always ready to meet your needs. At our core, we have strong values and we genuinely pride ourselves in our work. Antonio Pereira had over 30 years of painting experience in 1955 when he taught his son and founder of Pereira & Sons Hilario Pereira  the art of painting. More importantly, he also taught him the values of a family business. Always deliver what you promise, price fairly & honestly and treat the client with the same respect you would show an old friend. Many things have changed since 1955 but our values are not one of them. 65 Years on these core beliefs have shaped our company and how we operate.

Our Values

Integrity – We operate fairly, both internally and externally. We do the ‘right thing’ first time around.

Professionalism – We have immense pride in our work and a genuine passion for painting. Fully licensed and registered, our painters are simply the best in the industry.

Transparency – We keep you informed with our excellent communication. We provide easy to understand quotes, and there will be no variations without your approval.

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1/433 Yangebup Road, Cockburn Central 6164
“Integrity,Professionalism and Transparency.”

Residential Painting

A long-standing family run painting business, built on providing quality service and providing quality service.


The buildings we shop and work in are an integral part of our day to day lives. All the more reason to have an experienced company that combines and delivers Quality & Affordability.

Our Team

Aurelio’s journey in the painting industry started over 25 years ago. After learning the skill of painting in Portugal, he moved to Perth and was one of the three founding members of Pereira & Sons. In that time he has undertaken projects of all kinds and surmounted various challenges and obstacles. Aurelio always takes the big picture approach to every project. Aurelio believes that your only ever as good as your last project and constantly strives to bring out the best in himself and our team. He is known for his no-nonsense mentality of always providing a service he can be proud of.
Luis has been painting for 22 years and has been a team leader for almost as long. Luis has been in the commercial sector for almost a decade, specialising in Shopping Centres, Warehouses, and Office Buildings to name a few. One of the many great qualities Luis has at his disposal is his “can-do” attitude all the while being methodical in his approach. Luis has built an incredible reputation for completing projects within their time frame and delivering a quality finish.
15 years of residential painting has taught Fabio one thing, always deliver a service you can be proud of and people will return! From unit developments to multi-million dollar mansions on the Swan. Return business is our bread and butter and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a client years later when their next project needs to be complete and they still value your service. Fabio leads a versatile team of experienced; hardworking professionals. He is known for always going that extra mile and being a Fair & Honest team leader.
Just under 10 years in the painting industry Andre brings a fresh approach to the industry. Andre has completed dense residential and commercial developments amassing a broad understanding of the skills and character required to meet and surpass industry standard. Having such experienced peers to offer invaluable guidance on projects is a luxury most don't have. Which is why Andre can offer Innovative solutions and efficient project plans to meet your budget, all the while having the backing of decades of painting experience should he need it.